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Quixey is here to help you find any app you need at any moment. Although apps for mobile phones and other devices are the latest trend of internet usage, it is hard to know about every app that could be of your interest. Some rough numbers suggest that over 600,000 apps are available for iPhone or iPad, and around 400,000 for Android devices.

In this sea of options, how can you know or keep track of everything you can add to your phone? is the place to go to get the solution for this situation. The company developed a great tool to find apps according to the search terms you enter, that may not include the app’s name but rather what it does.

Do you want to find an original recipe for some dish? By entering “meat recipes” or “how to cook italian pasta”, the search results will tell you what app is the best one for that, if it exists. Would you like movie recommendations? Ask and if someone developed an app with this feature, you will find out.

Quixey makes a general search for every device and OS, but the menu on the left gives you the option to choose the one you need. Do you use Blackberry? Just click in that option to see the apps for that device in particular. Brief comments are included to the side of each app which appeared on search results. These are “snippets”, that will help you decide which app to choose (or if all of them are good for you).

If you are into app development, Quixey offers as well many tools to promote your apps and make them known to users. In Their Own Words

Quixey forms partnerships to power app search. We work with manufacturers, carriers, and platforms to build custom app search solutions.

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Do they face competition from other similar services or are the only ones in the market?


Author : Charly Zaks

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