Quipster.co – Share What You Are Doing

Quipster.coQuipster presents itself as a new way of checking in to venues. In general, users of this application are enabled to provide their own appreciations on these places they are at, or these activities that they are undertaking. For example, people who have gone to watch a movie can comment on its actual quality, and those who have ordered an elaborate dinner can share their thoughts with all their friends. And the true charm of the site is how these insights and opinions can be kept as personal as the user wants – it is possible to edit everything in full, and employ the language that one sees as fit.

So, this new mobile app lets you not only tell others where you are but actually inform them of how much you are enjoying your stay at that very same spot, and whether or not you would advise others to head down there. And the app is excellently wrapped up by the ability to send photos, and by providing users with full Facebook integration already. You will be able to tell all your social network friends what you are up to in the blink of an eye.

Quipster.co In Their Own Words

Quipster is a fun, fast way to share and discover what’s going on in your town. Share your Quips with friends and fellow citizens and climb the popularity ranks to become a local expert and social icon.

Why Quipster.co It Might Be A Killer

It unifies the process in which people check in to any place and then update their statuses in order to reflect the way they are feeling.

Some Questions About Quipster.co

Which are all the mobile phones that are meant to be supported when the application has reached full maturity? Quipster.co