QuickCall – International Calling Has Never Been Easier Or Cheaper

For all of the applications available online, international communication has still been a huge hassle.


Having lived abroad for considerable time, I’ve experienced the frustrations firsthand. I’ve managed to bring some friends and family onboard with WhatsApp for free calling and texting, but not everyone. With older family members in particular, explaining how applications work and walking them through using them is a nearly impossible feat. It’s tough to keep straight which tool to turn to for contacting different people.


When I need to call somewhere back stateside, I’ve turned to Skype, but I don’t always have the application open to receive calls. Plus, I’ve found an increasing number of places to not accept my calls, even though it’s supposed to appear like a US number. Grrr!


QuickCall takes the best of all worlds and ditches all the pains, in one app.




With QuickCall, you have free calls and chats with other QuickCall users. You have the option of making international calls using WiFi or your mobile data. Or you can use credits – which never expire – and call internationally using them. Since QuickCall has an international network, rates are very low.


I can’t say enough how wonderful it is that QuickCall syncs with your mobile contacts. Syncing data is hardly new, but, when it comes time to make international calls, it’s a lifesaver. Trying to remember country codes, entering and reentering numbers across different platforms… trust me if you haven’t dealt with this nuisance yourself, it drives a person crazy. QuickCall lets you dial up your contacts without any trouble.


Basically, QuickCall makes international calling as natural as domestic calling. It’s easy to take for granted the beauty of picking up your phone and calling anyone, anywhere –without giving it a second thought – until you can’t. QuickCall saves a lot of time and headaches. With an account and your pin, you can even use someone else’s phone to make international calls.


On top of being efficient and affordable, the app is free to download!


Don’t let carriers gouge you ever again or app limitations stand in the way of you calling around the world. Find QuickCall on either the App Store or Google Play. To learn more about how the app works, visit quickcall.com.


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