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Finally, Quibus Makes Deals Easy And Great For Everyone

Anyone else ready to say goodbye to coupons? Savings are great, but coupons are a pain for everyone involved. Customers need to first hold on to them, understand the terms, perhaps use them at inconvenient times. Businesses receive surges of interest that may or may not lead to sales, from customers not guaranteed to come back, while having resources taken away from running the business itself. Such a system is a stinker for everyone involved.


Quibus, by INSTADEAL, proposes a new approach to deals that is superior in every way.




Focusing on appointments rather than offers, consumers use the Quibus app to post a need, say a haircut. They then enter details like how far and when they are willing to travel, what they are looking to pay, etc. Quibus then connects shoppers with live deals that match the criteria, and they can select the “best” deal available.


Instead of searching for services, Quibus brings them to you. Ask, and ye shall receive. Forget about expiration dates or squirreling away opportunities that you may or may not use. With Quibus, you can find deals on exactly what you’re looking for, when and where it makes the most sense.



Notifications about inquiries also give both merchants and shoppers the chance to make good on last minute real-time deals. Consumers can wait for the absolute best bargains to present themselves, and merchants can fill dead time or cancellations by extending additional savings. Consumers can also keep a list of favorite merchants and learn about discounted schedule openings with them as they arise.


The app itself is reminiscent of Hotel Tonight in terms of function and appearance, only the deals here apply to goods and services instead of the hotel industry. At the moment, Quibus addresses the beauty and spa, fitness, and medical industry, with several other industries on the docket. It’s easy to see how the platform might handle bookings for a wide variety of businesses.




For merchants, Quibus works like a personal assistant, helping to create a schedule, update rates on a weekly basis, and to promote both deals and open time slots. Analytics help business owners to assess the performance of deals and to better understand their customers, so that they can easily provide custom offers and present deals at optimal times to win more business.


Perfectly timed deals – and positive reviews on both sides of the coin – strengthen relationships, which leading to satisfied customers becoming repeat business and other merchants offering deals to great customers. Everybody wins.




For more information, visit the website To start taking advantage of the app, businesses can find Quibus on the App Store here and consumers can download the app here.


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