– Online Comparisons Collected“Comparisons are hateful”, someone once said. That is exactly true, but it is also true that comparisons are quite useful.

Usefulness and hatefulness sometimes go hand in hand, or rather, things that are useful are not necessarily nice. In any case, if you are into the mood for comparing things, or if you feel like knowing what others are comparing recently, this site will most likely do the trick.

Basically, it aggregates comparisons ranging far and wide – and the term “far and wide” should be taken literally. When I last checked out, some featured comparisons included “Leo Vs. Taurus”, “Sigmund Freud Vs. Erik Erickson” and “Toyota Vs. Lexus”. There were also a couple that really caught my fancy such as “King Arthur Vs. Merlin” and “James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace Vs. Call of Duty: World at War.”

As you can see, the site already has enough comparisons to set you going. Of course, you can add one of your very own. I did not see one entitled “The Who Vs. The Kinks”, and if you see one when you check the site out you know who posted it. In Their Own Words

“Questsin is part of a hobby research project devoted to Artificial Intelligence. What is available on Questsin is recent and constantly evolving in a perpetual beta state. Motivation behind Questsin is to explore approaches to Artificial Intelligence that are untraditional.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a free tool that can elicit as well as entertain.

Some Questions About

Does anybody edit the contents of the site?