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Questli.comIt’s open season for games that blur the lines between the online and the real world. We’ve already featured a handful of games like these on (see our reviews of OneFeat and Wander, for example), and now is the turn of This Russian startup is defined by its creator as “Twitter hunting in real life”, and it lets you assign missions to all of your friends. You can give them instructions using the provided application, and also go one step beyond and leave clues for them in real-life places.


The missions that you can assign to people using can be anything from finding an item you’ve previously left somewhere, to asking them to take a photograph at a place they’ve never been before in their lives. Whatever could let you and your friends have some good-natured fun.

And it goes without saying that has got some serious marketing potential. It wouldn’t be that hard for clever retailers to create a treasure hunt around the city in order to promote any new product, and get the interest of everybody.

The app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is available at the App Store. It can be downloaded and installed completely free of charge. In Their Own Words is a treasure hunting game platform.

Some Questions About

What steps will the team take to ensure nobody creates missions that could pose a threat to the health of people?

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