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Questler.comQuestler is a learning network that brings people with similar interests and talents together in one online forum. Users come together and share and learn information in a common interest “quest,” or mini-blog.

Users exchange thoughts and knowledge through links, text, and multi-media files posted in their quests. Quest topics are broad, ranging from “who is your favorite stand-up comedian?” to “what are the signs of a police state?” When users choose to read a posted quest, they have the ability to participate by posting their own opinions and supporting media links. Users are also provided with a list of related quests to dive into. In Their Own Words

“Questler is an informal learning network with a focus on individuals’ experiences and conversations as the information content from which personal and collective connections are created based on shared interests within diverse contexts.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Questler is an interesting and fun information exchange network. Users may connect with old and new friends and share thoughts and opinions on virtually any topic. This is a great way to share your input and knowledge, as well as learn new information from peers.

Some Questions About

What other social networks may this site be linked to? What e-learning sites may be interested in advertising or featuring Questler?