Qubrit.com – An Online Approach To Business Cards

Qubrit.comA site that is still in early beta, Qubrit can be termed an online virtual card and professional contacts network. The one concern that Qubrit wants to deal with is that of information on physical cards becoming obsolete not long after they are printed.

Something like the Internet is obviously the perfect tool to tackle such a concern, as it can accommodate any change and make it instantly known to everybody.

A Qubrit account stands as a virtual business card that can be freely exchanged with others, and where up-to-date details such as phone numbers, emails and a person’s actual address are set down. More importantly, these virtual cards can link to every profile the individual has on the Social Web – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…

Ultimately, this platform gives just everybody access to professional information which is updated minute by minute. In theory, any person that you got to meet just once will be reachable through this platform once he has given you his personalized URL. Now, will this replace “traditional” business cards altogether? Only time will tell…

Qubrit.com In Their Own Words

“Virtual business cards and contact management network.”

Why Qubrit.com It Might Be A Killer

It brings a lot of flexibility into something that has always been static such as printed cards.

Some Questions About Qubrit.com

How many people are already using this? Qubrit.com