KillerStartups – Understand Your Costumers

Quantivo.comWhen you talk to a salesman, you know that what he would love best is to get inside your head and find out what you are thinking. If you’re in that salesman’s position, then you might want to see what Quantivo.

com can do for you. With this company’s service, you’ll be able to get detailed profiles on the people who are using your products, so you can know what you can do for them. These things include improving your product, adding new features, or lowering prices. The site calls their services “solutions”, and these are: Purchase Behavior, Campaign Effectiveness, and Web Analytics. All of these tools are all there for one reason, to help you better understand what your costumers are looking to get form you and your product. Once you have this knowledge, it’s nothing but smooth sailing from there to success. You can schedule a demonstration, so go on the site and find out more about this potential revenue booster. In Their Own Words

“Understand costumer behavior like never before.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s a greatly useful thing. It could really help businesspeople better understand their costumers and what they want.

Some Questions About

How can anyone really know what a costumer wants? Will this approach really yield more business?

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