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Quamut.comQuamut.com gives you information about the how-to guides launched by the Barnes % Nobles bookstore. In case you want to learn how to use Excel formulas, or you want to improve your photography skills, this site gives you the chance to order Quamut chartsto learn everything.

If you want to learn about business and computers, this site might be of help for you. Quamut.com allows you to place an order for printed charts to learn about multiple topics, including Excel and SEO techniques. If you want to find out more about different photography techniques, enter this site and buy printed charts online with photography tips.

Feel free to stop by this site in case you want to buy these useful how-to guides. If you pay a visit to Quamut.com you can search for different guides, including diet and health, as well as business and home. Besides, on this site you can also search for books.

Quamut.com In Their Own Words

\”What makes Quamut different:

Printable charts: Quamut takes on subjects big and small and presents them on concise printable charts that you can take anywhere. Want a compact, well-organized guide to how to knit, play the harmonica, or watch football? Only Quamut has it.

Backed by Barnes & Noble:

Every Quamut chart is written by an expert, reviewed by a fact-checker, and produced by our editorial team at Barnes & Noble’s headquarters in New York, all of which helps to make our content authoritative, consistent and reliable.

Broad yet comprehensive coverage:

Since we don’t need to fill up entire books on each subject, our guides can cover everything from narrowly focused topics, like a leaking faucet, to broad subjects, like how to play the piano.

Wiki-based community:

All of our guides are springboards toward a more in-depth discussion of the topic. Our wiki features enable each Quamut to expand into the most comprehensive how-to guide available on any subject.\”

Why Quamut.com It Might Be A Killer

Quamut.com has an attractive interface. The site is easy to navigate and is loaded with interesting information. When they say they have a how to guide for any subject they mean it, there are guides on how to plan your budget for traveling to how to choose the best mango. The printable guides are very useful. I know that I am a visual learner and learn best from reviewing information various times. A printable guide would help me learn and be very convenient. The wiki section is also great, people can learn from each other and the knowledge on the topic can grow. Quamut.com has many great features and covers many topics.

Some Questions About Quamut.com

Quamut.com could add some more Web 2.0 features such as rating guides and a comments section. Quamut.com could also feature a section with the most popular guides, or Quamut.com could feature a specific guide each week exposing users to new topics. Quamut.com