Quality Content Boosts Traffic to Your Site

Google has done an excellent job of keeping its algorithm a mystery. Nevertheless, it’s not hard to see that the top search engine gives higher rank and authority to some sites over others. And those sites tend to have one thing in common…quality content.

So what differentiates great content from content that suffices? High-quality content has relevance to both human and machine readers.

Additionally, it tends to be well-considered, appropriate, and keyword-rich. Though longer content — around 700 words or more — is the generally accepted “gold standard” in terms of driving more organic traffic, shorter content can command attention if it’s contextual. Ultimately, though, quality should override quantity.

In other words, it’s worth investing time and money into making sure your site is flooded with tons of solid content. But don’t just do it for algorithmic purposes. Aside from appealing to Google, your content can help garner positive attention in several other ways.

1. You’ll brand your company as the go-to source for industry knowledge.

Think about the different places you go to for trusted advice on a variety of topics.

Why do you trust the suggestions from one URL over another? The short answer is because you see one site as providing a higher level of expertise than another.

Publishing valuable insider information supported by the collective experience of your company and its people will cement your organization as an industry leader.

Not sure how to make certain that a content piece holds up under scrutiny? Consider adding an insightful tool like MarketMuse to your tech stack. MarketMuse’s AI-enhanced product automatically shows how your content stacks up against the competition. You can see how many topic mentions are likely to improve your content’s credibility.

As content strategist Stephen Jeske explains, reaching MarketMuse’s recommended target content score can “put you comfortably ahead of your Top 20 SERP competitors in comparison to content comprehensiveness.” Essentially, you’ll gain both rank and reputation.

2. Your quality content will encourage customers to self-identify and fix problems.

According to a ZenDesk report, nearly seven out of 10 consumers try to troubleshoot problems solo.

These are people who don’t want to talk with a representative during normal business hours. On the contrary, they want to be able to figure out what’s wrong and make it right — all without interrupting your call center workflow.

You can use this preference for self-service to your advantage by creating in-depth content designed specifically for customers with solvable issues.

For example, you might want to devote a portion of your site to articles based on frequently asked questions. Or, you may want to publicize product videos along with a robust transcript to both show and tell how to deal with common inquiries.

Ultimately, you’ll free up your agents to handle more complex issues while modernizing your overall customer experience.

3. You’ll have more to say on social media.

Ask any marketer whether it’s easy or difficult to create business-focused social media posts.

More often than not, you’ll hear how challenging it can be to compose interesting messages. However, when you keep posting knowledgeable blogs on your website, you offer up more quality content subjects for future posts.

If your team has run dry in terms of what to say on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, examine your site pages based on Google Analytics, Hubspot, or whatever analysis tool you prefer. Find the pages that are attracting the most interest.

Then, use them as springboards to construct social media messages. Don’t forget that a quote or callout from your existing content can provide you with a succinct social post. Pair it with trending hashtags and a call to action to visit the main page and you’ve solved your “What to post?” dilemma.

4. When you publish quality content, top-tier job seekers will find you.

Finding people eager to work for your company hasn’t gotten any easier thanks to The Great Resignation.

True, the Society of Human Resources Management predicts a slowdown by 2023 in the number of workers willing to switch employers. Nevertheless, it’s still making life tough for businesses trying to source and keep skilled team members.

Where does your site’s content fit into this picture?

Job candidates aren’t looking only at advertisements to find open positions. They’re searching the web for employers that are hiring.

When your content includes thorough, interesting job descriptions, employee case studies, and other career-related information, you open the door to snagging the attention of potential applicants.

5. You can showcase the prowess of other thought leaders.

You probably could list many other professionals who are masters in their industries.

Would it be advantageous to ask them to write a guest post that could live on your site? The opportunity can be a win-win for you both.

First, your guest author gets another source of credibility online. Secondly, you get any traffic that comes from the guest author’s fans coming to read the piece.

Of course, not everyone has the time, energy, or skill set to write a blog post or self-tape a video. You can make the process much easier by sending your guest author questions. The replies can be used for a vibrant Q&A article that will benefit you both.

In the digital age, consumers expect to encounter quality content all day. Make sure yours stands out by being pertinent, astute, fascinating, and helpful. You’ll get rewarded with more traffic, fewer bounces, and improved human and search engine standing.