Qtoro.com – Create Your Own Trivia Game

Qtoro.comQtoro.com is a site where you can create your own trivia questions, then play your own game online.

Create a profile at Qtoro.com and start to make your own game. You can make trivia questions on whatever subject you would like, history, science, pop culture, etc . Write your questions, write four answers, three which are false one which is correct, and then include an explanation for the correct answer. When you create the game you can include an image, such as a photograph, map or diagram. Once you are finished you are able to play your game and so are other Qtoro users. Other users can vote on your questions, whether or not they think they are good, they can add comments and email the questions to a friend. The way the game works is the question appears on screen and you have 20 seconds to answer the question. The timer starts out green and as time goes by it starts turning red. After 10 seconds it crosses out one of the incorrect choices, and after another 5 seconds it crosses out a second incorrect choice. You get 10 points for every correct answer and the game keeps track of your score. Visit Qtoro.com to crate your own trivial game and have fun playing the games other users have created.

Why Qtoro.com It Might Be A Killer

Qtoro.com has a colorful, fun interface, perfect for a trivial game setting. Qtoro.com is easy to navigate and use. Qtoro.com makes it easy to set up a profile and write your own questions. there is no restriction on the difficulty or topic of your questions so Qtoro.com can be used by people of all ages. You can take a look and see which users have the highest scores on the homepage. There is also a place for you to see your own scores and the topics of the trivial questions. Qtoro.com is fun and easy to use, be creative and challenge yourself by playing other members’ games.

Some Questions About Qtoro.com

Qtoro.com could add more features so that users could customize the design of their trivia game, such as the option to change the background and coloring of the interface for the game. It would also be great if there was a link once you finished your game so you could put it on your blog, social community or website. Also it would be fun if Qtoro users could play each other and make the game more competitive or create teams of Qtoro users that played each other. Qtoro.com