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Qtags.comQtags is a service that aims to make it easy to remember advertising messages you come across, and at the same time remain in control of the interaction with the advertiser. A qtag (short for “quick tag”) is added to any campaign, and viewers or listeners wanting to know more about that specific offer simply have to text the advertised qtag to the provided code.


Upon doing so, the qtgas service sends instant information about the advertisement in question to mobile phone of the individual, in the form of a reply text. Moreover, the qtags service converts the keyword to a web-link that the interested party can check out in order to retrieve information.

This system is available to anybody who has a mobile phone, and there is no need to register in order to use it.

For its part, advertisers have access to real-time reporting, so that they can see the volume of texts and the links that were forwarded in order to evaluate the efficacy of the campaign. In Their Own Words

“The qtags service is designed to make it easy to remember advertising messages, while remaining in control of the interaction with the advertiser. Advertisers display varying qtag ‘words’, but all use the qtags text to short-code (78247). This means that qtags can be added to campaigns quickly and without any time or volume commitments.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a novel take on advertising that results in the audience choosing what to see and when.

Some Questions About

What is the cost of using this system?

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