search cancel – Web Apps in a Snap belongs to the same wave of getting your office and database into the web that took Google to launching its spoof PPT, only this one seems to work for real.


The idea empowering the site is that each piece of information serves different purposes, and thus probably needs a slightly different environment in order to work properly, and who if not the owner of that information is the right person to choose what’s the best way to work with that data? So what the site actually does is allowing users to develop and perfect their own data processing systems based on the sketches or pre-templates the company offers. You can browse them on the site, and see that they mainly comprise the utilities of MS’s Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Wikipedia plus a couple of more unique features. As the platform mainly works as an open database, managers can choose to give different hierarchies to other users of the apps in order to permit or restrict information or formula editing, issue read-only permits, etc. In Their Own Words

“Experienced programmers will be impressed by the amount of functionality available with Qrimp without using IDEs, compilers or even code. Newbies will be amazed by how easy it is to create a database web application. Let your imagination run wild! Build a database of your socks, relate them to your outfits, upload sock puppet videos, share your sock blog with your friends or even sell your old socks on the web! Or do something more serious and create a web application to manage the expenses, employees, and customers of your business. Or do both in the same application and separate them using security access permissions! Best of all, you choose whether you want us host your app or put it behind your own firewall. And it works in IE, Firefox and Safari!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Unlike it’s infamous competitors (like Google’s spoof offimatic suite which must have internet access to run), can work offline, plus it will allow extreme-user customization, which is basically what everybody needs but somehow doesn’t get, so from this perspective is bound to become a next killerstartup.

Some Questions About

Precisely because what they offer is such a popular product, the amount of competition (and especially large competitors) is just unbeatable. How exactly are they thinking to cope with it?

Author : Caroline Bright

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