Qrawd – Discover What Event Buzz Is Truly All About

Are you a person that kicks yourself when you learn about events you would enjoy attending – after they’ve happened! Do you have a hard time accepting that you can’t be a part of everything?


Well, technology might not allow you to be physically present at all the wonderful events going on around you (yet; ha,ha), but you no longer need to feel left out of the fun.


Qrawd is an event discovery app (coming soon to both iOS and Android) that helps you learn about upcoming events AND “experience the happenings” you can’t make it to.


qrawd landing


Let’s leap to the novel feature first, shall we.


Qrawd gives users interactive entry into live events in the form of shared images or 10-second videos, which the startup is calling “buzzes.” This gives you the real-time feel of unfolding events, as experienced by friends or other members of the Qrawd community. Snippets of your favorite performers, a window into the crowd’s energy at concerts and festivals… Catch the vibes or spark a conversation with event attendees.


Of course, Qrawd also allows you to share the ecstasy of happening you do attend. Make your friends jealous, or nudge someone to get off the couch and come join you by showing them what it’s really like to be at an event. Bet that kind of potential made you ooh, didn’t it.


OK, just so we don’t have to come down hard from the excitement of being able to buzz ourselves into events from afar, it’s worth pointing out that Qrawd works great for discovering upcoming events as well.


You can peruse lists of events headed your way. In the case of a recurring event, you can take advantage user reviews left on Qrawd to know better if going is worth your time.


What’s more, the app is an innovative tool at the disposal of promoters. Not only can they share event details and ticket information, but they generate genuine excitement by creating advance buzzes. Let your creativity run wild – putting up a page on Qrawd and promoting an event is free!


If you’re a junkie for events happening in your city, get the most thrilling live updates with Qrawd, and keep close to the center of all the hype through buzzes. Request an early invite for access to the app at qrawd.com.


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