Qontag.com – Organize Your Contacts

Qontag.comNever again will organizing your contacts give you any trouble, or take longer than it should. Qontag is a mobile application that lets you upload all your contacts to the cloud, and have them arranged into as many different groups as you want. Each of these groups is precisely called a ?qontag”, and it can include as many individuals as you want, according to whichever criteria makes better sense to you. Your colleagues, your lifelong friends, the friends you have just made at your new club… that is left to you.

The fact remains that all the data will become hosted on the cloud, and in addition to becoming accessible at all times (the one obvious advantage this has), the data will be automatically updated every time you change anything. Any change you make to any qontag using your mobile will be reflected when you access your list of contacts on your desktop PC later, and vice versa.

Qontag is available for Android. If you own an iPhone and you want an app that does something comparable for iOS, you can try EcontactPro. That is an app letting you have a neat list of contacts, based on these cards you scan using the iPhone’s camera. It’s not the same, but it serves a similar purpose.

Qontag.com In Their Own Words

Business cards are the past, Qontag is the future.

Some Questions About Qontag.com

In which direction is this service going to be headed now? What functionalities is the company thinking of adding next? Qontag.com