Qolty: Innovating Medical Innovation

Innovation is everywhere – but nowhere has it been more widely beneficial than in medicine.

However, despite medical interventions having advanced significantly over the past three decades, the ability to see how these therapies are helping on a day-to-day basis has not.

Some of the brightest minds in the world have created device and process advances that can do incredible things at face value.  But taking these innovations to the next level involves using them optimally to provide the best care to each specific patient; and in the high-dollar, highly competitive healthcare world, this often gets lost in translation.

The Qolty app is looking to change all this through a patient-first approach that advances medical research to new heights.  It’s a surprisingly easy-to-use platform that empowers researchers to do their jobs better, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively than ever.

Qolty provides a suite of digital research tools that provide a better connection between innovation and patient insight.  Along with this better patient understanding ultimately comes more effective, case-specific use of these potentially game-changing advances.

The app works to capture subjective human attributes like pain, happiness, and improvement that aren’t normally taken into account during research.  It then combines this incredibly valuable info with objective technical data – so that clinicians may publish research with full confidence in its all-around impact on patient care.

Just a few of the many uniquely beneficial features that Qolty offers include:

  • Collects many types of patient data including journal, survey, and EMA
  • Includes a variety of mobile patient assessments including digit sequencing, 9-hole peg, and spatial memory
  • Collects geofencing and photo/video data on clients
  • Multiple affordable pricing options for any project scope

Founder Shuhan He has wasted little time since first conceptualizing Qolty in 2017, already working with clients like UCLA, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and Keck Medicine of USC.  The company and platform have also been positively featured on HuffPost.

Feel free to visit https://qolty.com to learn more about how Qolty is rapidly advancing the medical innovation process.  You may also reach Shuhan He by email at [email protected].

Photos: Qolty