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Qajack.comEver since the Internet became the phenomenon that it is today, the issue of finding the answer to any question was reduced to knowing where to set your browser to – because you knew that an answer (any answer) could be found online. This situation became only better as time went by and more people started surfing the web, and adding their knowledge to the Internet via forums and message boards.

It is only natural that services giving internauts further chances to interact with each other would surface.

That is what Qajack is all about. Basically, it lets anybody ask and answer questions on the WWW by uploading videos. These videos last about 60 seconds, and the site is actually structured as a kind of game where the one who gives the best answer to any given question receives points in return. The top Qajackers are highlighted on the main page, and you can also see the hottest questions so far. So, if you feel your knowledge is up to scratch just pay the site a visit and stay as sharp as you can. In Their Own Words

“Qajack combines competition, ie gameplay and reward with information exchange, ie questions and answers. How? Simple: Qajack is all video and it’s a game. You can ask anything and answer anything by webcam! Each video capture is a maximum of 60 seconds long to keep the game flowing. Feeling shy? then you’ve got 140 characters of text or feeling verbose, you can upload a video from your desktop. Each interaction on Qajack is part of a social Q&A game that users take part in. With Qajack you play with what you know, meet like-minded people along the way and build a quantifiable reputation which you gamble with.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives anybody a ready chance of becoming the next Internet guru.

Some Questions About

What kind of questions can and can’t be asked online?