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The PRISM Weight Loss programs have been created for Christians by Christians, and you can read all about them on They’re based on the belief that people with poor eating habits can be turned into healthy individuals thanks to the help and grace of God. A PRISM Weight Loss Program usually takes about 24 weeks, and they’re divided in a series of phases that you can register for as you go along. That is, if you have achieved your fitness goals after just one phase, then you can leave it at that. PRISM programs have been created in a way to radically change the way you feel about food, so that you won’t ever pick up the wrong eating habits again. Each phase lasts from 4 to 6 weeks, and PRISM support groups are available for those who need them.

All phases include curricula that are read on a daily basis, along with videos, CDs and audio tapes for additional support. And a discussion board is featured on the site, too, for you to get connected with more and more people who’re turning to God in order to achieve their aims.

And PRISM products are also available for those who need even more encouragement. These include water bottles and mugs with motivational quotes, digital food scales, tape measures, recipe books and carbohydrate counters. You must be 18 years of age or older to buy them – the same age that’s needed to enroll for any of PRISM’s programs.