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PushUptheWeb.comChances are you haven’t updated your browser recently. You’ve seen the messages and thought about doing so, but simply never got around to actually doing it.


Or maybe you just don’t want to—haven’t got the time nor the desire. Well, new website PushUptheWeb wants that to change. It offers a tool allowing website owners to detect the browser version of any of their visitors, and suggest an upgrade if need be. Upgrades, will after all, make for a better browsing experience. PushUptheWeb is currently available for IE, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. As a visitor to a Push enabled site, you’ll see a prompt urging you to upgrade to the latest version of your browser—there’s even a link included. You can also choose to be reminded later. For website owners, there are a few options for customizing Push. There are 56 domains using Push, as of today. In Their Own Words

“Pushup is an effort to push the web forward by helping users upgrade their outdated browsers. Give your users a better web experience today by installing Pushup on your domain!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is an interesting proposition. Prompting users to upgrade their browsers is a courtesy which makes a difference. Your visitors will have an over all better surfing experience and they may appreciate the reminder effort. Plus some sites are geared for the latest browser versions and simply don’t work with outdated ones.

Some Questions About

This really doesn’t have a business model whatsoever. Besides that, who’s to tell their visitors that they should upgrade at all? Some people like to stick with their old versions. And that’s not to mention how irritating these types of prompts can be.

Author : Siri Marshall

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