Push-It.com – Easier Mobile Internet Browsing

Push-It.comDon’t you hate it when you’re using your WAP browser to check your email, and you can’t see an entire margin of options that you know would be displayed if you were looking at the actual webpage? No doubt, browsing the internet via your mobile device can sometimes be an exercise in futility. The new, patent-pending Push-It technology from mobile solutions provider Global Mobile Technologies delivers internet content directly to your mobile phone, which has been correctly formatted for your device.

All you need to do is subscribe to content, and Push-It will deliver it to your phone, which will ring to alert you that it has arrived just as if you were receiving an incoming call. Currently, Push-It has three services it will provide: Push-It Alert, which lets you receive content from any enabled server (email, auctions, and other personalized content), Push-It Broadcast, which mass-distributes pre-selected content to a large number of subscribers, and Push-It Emergency Warning, which the service claims can help governments distribute rich content (maps, audio, etc.) to help alert mobile customers of impending danger. The service works on virtually any mobile phone on almost any platform nearly everywhere in the world.

Push-It.com In Their Own Words

“Push-It breaks the mold of painful mobile phone browsing. It works like this: the mobile phone rings, you pick it up, and the message is there on the screen and on the speakers, formatted correctly for your device. Push-It does not work via SMS, MMS or WAP. It utilizes an innovative new technology that works over the mobile phone’s standard data connection, so consumers don’t have to pay exorbitant messaging rates”.

Why Push-It.com It Might Be A Killer

Push-It’s technology makes browsing the web from your mobile device a lot less frustrating. In fact, it seems like the term “browsing” is almost rendered irrelevant here; content is delivered to your phone rather than you having to go retrieve it yourself.

Some Questions About Push-It.com

While undeniably useful if the service does everything it says it will, Push-It’s technology nevertheless depends on the participation of other services and content providers. With its success balanced precariously on how quickly the software is picked up by others, it’s hard to say what the future holds for Push-It. Push-It.com