PurpleSight.com – Put Political News In Perspective

PurpleSight.comWith the government coming under fire from all possible angles, it’s only good to see websites like this one being launched. Purple Sight intends to bring all kind of political discussions into perspective by providing users with two diverging opinions on what is being discussed. These are the “Red” and “Blue” vantage points, and the idea is to let users of the site to see both sides of any issue, and gain a new understanding of what is being argued regardless of where they actually fall on the political spectrum.

Personally, I find a site like Purple Sight really commendable. There comes a point in which blaming each other and pointing fingers is not taking anyone forward. As someone once said, “the further a discussion goes then the further truth falls behind”. There comes a point in which people need to start working together, and cast their political sympathies aside. A site like Purple Sight sets the scene for that to happen, by creating a setting in which what is wrong and what is right occupy adjacent positions, and a better sense of understanding who we are as a country can begin being found.

PurpleSight.com In Their Own Words

Tired of getting one side of every story? Purplesight is a place where you can see both sides of issues and gain a new perspective wherever you fall on the political spectrum. A place where RED and BLUE come together.

Some Questions About PurpleSight.com

To which extent can this be successful? Will people ever be able to start putting their political allegiances aside, and understand that all Americans are actually responsible for bringing a change for the better? PurpleSight.com