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PureWeb20.comPureWeb is a new Digg-esque aggregator of Web 2.0 news mostly from Techcrunch and Mashable.


Registered users can add their own stories, vote (there doesn’t seem to be a sink feature however), comment, and discuss with friends. On the right hand side you’ll find your tag cloud with the top 25 most popular keywords, along with categories which range from social networking and social bookmarking to music and vertical-niche, and top 2.0 weblogs. Tabs at the top make it easy to hop around different content areas. For instance, under Articles you’ll find a smorgasbord of site reviews, interviews, and videos. Under the Directory tab, are reviews and short descriptions of featured sites. The site’s pretty fresh out of the box, so content is somewhat limited, but it looks promising. In Their Own Words

“Pure Web 2.0 is an informational portal dedicated to Web 2.0. Our mission is to source all relevant information in the Web 2.0 industry and provide it to you in a concise format. Features of the web site include social bookmarking, articles, and directory. The social bookmarking component summarizes articles posted on blogs, portals, major media outlets, and more. Our articles section features reviews, interviews, and demos of new and existing companies who have products / services that are interesting. The directory aspect of our web site lists Web 2.0 related businesses”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Pure Web has a fresh, clean look to it. It’s easy to navigate and headlines are neatly aggregated for easy reading. I like its tabbed division of content, makes it simple to go from one section to another. It has potential.

Some Questions About

How is PureWeb going to gain critical mass? Will it adopt a more editorial style review in its article section? Do they plan on expanding their sources?

Author : Siri Marshall

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