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Pureplay.comThe decision by the US to greatly restrict the online gambling industry a couple of years ago generated shockwaves throughout this infant space and caused many sites to either go out of business or alter their business model. Pureplay, that claims to provide all the excitement of online Poker, without the risks of loosing money, is already a popular site that recently received another round of VC funding.


Basic membership to the site is free and allows you to play to your hearts content and win great prizes without risking a dime. The more robust Premium account will set you back about 20 bucks a month but gives you access to more tournaments and higher payouts without ever having to bet the farm. In Their Own Words

“Play free Poker and win real cash. No entry fees, no deposits of any kind. Over 2.7 million paid out! No credit cards needed.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site will increasingly appear to two large segments of the population: Those that wish to win big at the Poker table without risking it all, and those who want to be completely “over the table” and not infringe on any local laws when the play online.

Some Questions About

Will serious gamblers decide to switch to this site or is the potential payout not enough to persuade anyone other than the casual gambler join? When will they be releasing other casino games and will their model work with those games as well?

Author : Caroline Bright

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