PunkRock.org – Your Connection to the Punk Community

PunkRock.orgPunkRock.org is a community for all things punk rock.

You want to find a show? Use their search tool. Want to make friends? You can do that too. Want to advertise your or organization band? Not a problem. PunkRock.org offers a plethora of cool ways to get to know punk music and the punk community better; you can check out the site’s most popular punk bloggers, shop for punk memorabilia, watch videos, find guitar tabs the list goes on and on. It’s also really easy to find people who share your love of punk music; the search tool lets you browse for other registered users by location, sex, and age, and you can even specify that you want to search for users who are online while you are. The site offers three different types of registration catered to your specific needs (features that come with each registration category depend on whether you are an organization, individual, or band). If you like the site, invite your friends to register too (it’s free).

PunkRock.org In Their Own Words

“PunkRock.org is a beta version community with the goal of providing it’s users with the opportunity of interacting with Bands, Fans, & Organizations through punk related networks”.

Why PunkRock.org It Might Be A Killer

PunkRock is definitely THE exhaustive punk rock community; this site has everything any punk rock fan would want. From the casual fan to the die-hard punk rocker, PunkRock offers a huge range of features that cater to any interest level. The separate band-organization-fan registration helps keep the site organized and makes it easier for one party to locate another, and the simple yet appropriately aggressive interface allows for smooth navigation.

Some Questions About PunkRock.org

One thing this site lacks is a good explanation of what exactly it IS; where is the “About Us” section? It would be nice of this community were a little less faceless. PunkRock.org