Find The Perfect Sweaty Partner (Personal Trainer) Via Pummel

You’ve already paid and you need a workout: two good reasons to sit through classes that have little to do with your personal fitness goals. No! Stop. Getting in shape shouldn’t break your bank and spirit. If training does have to hurt, at the very least it should align with your fitness aims.


Pummel helps people find the program that best fits each individual by connecting them with the right personal trainers, health coaches, fitness and wellness experts. An algorithm matches each person with local coaches and fitness pros that can best help them to achieve training goals and fulfill personal needs.


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A simple tagging system allows you to identify your workout priorities – such as weight loss, high-intensity training, body transformation, rehabilitation, functional training, cross training, sports, yoga. Based on your preferences, Pummel matches you with the three best coaches in your area.


Pummel spares people the tiresome search for the right personal coach and health professionals. You’re immediately put in touch with highly qualified coaches. Plus, you get to connect with real people. Video instruction is convenient at times, but it’s no substitute for working one on one.


Feedback, tailored training sessions, advice – you only receive these valuable training perks by working closely with someone, like you do using Pummel. Likewise, there’s so much more to staying fit than one great workout. Pummel connects people with the experts that can pay attention to overall health. This way, it’s possible to address not only training but other health factors such as diet and nutrition.


For personal trainers, fitness and health experts, Pummel is a handy tool for making their services more visible. They can reach a much wider audience thanks to the convenience of the mobile app. What’s more, because Pummel matches professionals with promising leads, they stand a better chance of both winning and retaining clients.


Messaging via Pummel is convenient for everyone. Coaches can send messages and alerts to better serve their clients, while being able to receive instructions at any time helps people stay on the right fitness track.


The role of motivation can’t be underestimated in the pursuit of fitness. Pummel those moments of weakness or lack of inspiration – connect with the personal fitness and wellness experts that will help you to finally reach your goals, at


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