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Pulse.toWouldn’t it be just great if you could send a text message to a group made up of several friends at once instead of having to send it individually? Such a thought was the starting point for this application. Named Pulse.


to, it will let you send text messages to as many people as you want at once.

These multiple communications go by the name of “Pulses”, and these can be sent both from the site and by using your mobile phone. The way the site functions is the same in both cases, as you create a group whose individuals are bound by a certain interest or bond (IE, your literature club or your family) and then all the people who are part of that group will be capable of receiving your messages without further ado.

As a platform, Pulse has the distinct advantage of being free. Anybody can sign up for an account, add as many people as he wants, and then proceed to have his pulses texted to all the members of his group.

And in addition to being able to send these pulses from their phones and from the website, users can send pulses both from Facebook and Twitter. In Their Own Words

“ was started by two avid texters trying to solve the same problem: How do we communicate with groups of people instantly using our cell phones?

Optimally, this communication would be done by texting….. was born!

After setting up a Pulse, you can easily “Pulse” messages to your group either from the site or from your phone.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it gives text messages a whole new dimension – a much ampler one. Now you can communicate with groups of interest in a way that feels natural above anything else.

Some Questions About

How many messages can be sent in single day? Are you limited in any way or the other?

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