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Pulling Teeth And Breaking Glass – How To Manage Two Businesses And Succeed

You may be wondering what pulling teeth and breaking glass have to do with how to manage two businesses. Well, my quizzical friend let me tell you. Many entrepreneurs are working on multiple projects (or companies) at once. Often times they even have a few full-blown businesses in play. Are they master multi-taskers or just manic, insomniac, overachievers?



Bahram Nasehi is one such entrepreneur. As both a practicing dentist and VP of successful Dulles Glass and Mirror, he’s mastered the art of balancing two (very different) pursuits at once and has some sound advice for future serial entrepreneurs.



Manage Without the Micro

Bahram is the overall manager of his dentist office, but says he lets his employees take care of the day-to-day operations. He believes that hiring people you trust for positions of responsibility is essential in running a successful business. And, when you’re managing two businesses, this is especially important.


You can’t do everything yourself, so hiring the right people will defray unwanted stress and free up your time to focus on the things you personally need to take care of. The key is to keep an eye out to make sure your business is moving in the right direction, but don’t micro-manage; let your employees do the job you hired them to do.


If you love it, go for it

When Bahram took on owning a second business it was because he wanted to embrace his entrepreneurial side and challenge himself.


His dentist practice requires him to physically be in the office and perform procedures all day, far away from the computer. When he works on his glass business (often after his wife and children have gone to sleep), the numbers and accounts he works with online is something he actually enjoys.



If you are really considering taking on another venture, make sure you love it; it’s time-consuming and a big risk and it will be much more challenging if you’re not interested in the work. Bahram says if you like surfing, open a surf shop– just make sure you have time to actually catch some waves (this is where the hiring the right people comes in to play).


Give yourself some credit, man

If you take on a handful of projects, it’s easy to forget to recognize your progress and give yourself credit. Bahram says after 20 years in dentistry it can feel routine, and he sometimes doesn’t stop to appreciate his work.


Giving yourself some credit when you hit your goals and track your progress will not only give you a boost of confidence but it will re-assure you that your other business ventures are worth it in the end.



Don’t be left in the gutter

We all know that putting all our eggs in one basket can end disastrously, especially if you’re thinking about risking all your assets from one successful business to pursue another. You can be left in the gutter.


Bahram’s advice: Don’t overextend yourself and work within your means. Taking risks are fine, in fact, essential for business– just make sure you have something to fall back on.  


Though Bahram’s situation is unique, his advice on how to multi-task multi businesses is relevant to many industries. So, if you’re thinking about your next venture (but keeping your current one), make sure you love it, hire some solid people, pat yourself on the back once in a while, and have a plan b, and you’ll be a successful serial entrepreneur in no time.


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