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PubMatic.comObviously anyone selling ads on their websites would absolutely want to make as much as possible from every ad posted on the site. PubMatic.

com’s purpose is to help websites accomplish that. It helps to increase revenue per ad, maximize click throughs and get consolidated reports instantly. PubMatic is an account that can be set up in just a few minutes, like Google AdSense for instance. is free for its Alpha users, and the wording that they use seems as if they are impying that when they do launch the beta version of their site it will no longer be free, so if you are interested in possibly using the service, hop on it while you can still give it a test spin for free. In Their Own Words

PubMatic is focused on serving the needs of publishers by providing an industry leading platform that allows publishers to maximize their revenue while simultaneously reducing complexity.

Being a publisher is difficult these days. On the one hand, publishers want to focus on developing rich content and sustaining a user community based on common interest. On the other hand, they’re forced to spend ever more time and energy running the “business” of being a publisher.

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are going to spend your time and effort making websites and setting them up to be lucrative, it is a no brainer to make sure that you are recieving the most ad revenue possible and the most click throughs possible as well.

Some Questions About

As of now the Alexa Ranking indicates that the site isn’t getting too many hits at this point, will word of mouth be enough to really get this site going?