Gathers Unbelievable LineUp Of Marketing Greats For Free, One-Day Online Event

Jeff Bullas, Sujan Patel, Jason Dent, Jonathan Chan, Brian Massey… You talk to them in your sleep, don’t you? Asking them to share their insights and advice, helping you to unlock the secrets of marketing and grow your blog audience into the millions, open the spigot of paying email subscribers… They talk to you. Listen to you… And then the alarm  clock sounds.


Well, dream encounters are far more exciting when you’re actually awake, and you’re about to have the chance to gain immediate access to the industry luminaries mentioned above. As in all of them, and several others. For free!


On July 12th, the global online marketing community is hosting Growth Day – a one-day online event that will assemble many of the best brains in the business for webinars, interviews, and one-on-one chats.


growth day


“Imagine telling all the electric guitarists of the world that for one day only, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendrix would all be gathered in one place and not only would they be talking everything guitar, they’d be talking everything guitar directly with you. Growth Day is like that but for the marketing world,” says Founder and Managing Director Matt Byrom.


In addition to an all-areas pass to the day’s events, attendees will receive downloadable checklists, templates, ebooks, and other complementary material; special perks and discounts courtesy of the attending brands; on-demand access to all content after the event wraps; and full access to all content on the platform.


Open secret: even if you can’t go, you can still score all the amazing content just by registering for free. So, even if you’re tragically booked on the 12th and there’s no way you can break with your commitments, by registering for Growth Day you will bag loads of expert device and invaluable on-demand content, available after the event has ended.


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The live, open-forum setting allows participants to view and engage in the events that they find most interesting. So whether growth hacking, video marketing, or content strategy, etc. most captures your fancy, you’ll get to hear firsthand from successful veterans on the topics most relevant for your business.


Another highlight of the event is an all day “Ask Me Anything” segment, where participants can field questions to Matt Byrom and Sujan Patel. Register early here for more details before the event begins.


Photo Credits | Rachata Teyparsit/Shutterstock | bleakstar/Shutterstock