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Psychcentral.comThis site is an integral site offering mental health and psychology resources both for patients and professionals. In it you will be able to find articles, essays, a blog, support forums, Ask the Therapist, chats, website reviews, frequently asked questions, news, book reviews, and links to clinical trials findings. presents an interactive and right-to-the-spot outlook, and in that way meets its audience needs, for instance: the homepage displays attractive links like: “Coping with the Holidays: The Only Guide You’ll Need to Make it Through the Holiday Seasons!” and taking a look at the content in the link you will find ten-step plans to avoid anger, or to take the stress out of traveling: just practical advice designed by professionals to help you cope with times of anxiety or pain. The idea, of course, is not to replace therapy or counseling, rather to encourage a more responsible selection of the professional that’s right for you, and in a way also to help him/her do his job, because if you have researched the drug that’s been prescribed for you and you find some side effect or long-term danger, you might point it out to your doctor to try and figure out a solution together.

Author : Steve Dixon

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