– Store Your Music In The Cloud

Psonar.comPsonar is a new storage service for music lovers. It basically enables people to save all their music in the cloud (IE, a place that is accessible from anywhere, anytime) and both stream and download their tracks onto PCs, iPods and portable music players of each and every denomination.

This is all done using an application named The Psonar SongShifter. This is a tool that makes for the overall managing of tracks, and both a free and a paid incarnation do exist. The paid version comes with unlimited streaming (subject to fair use, obviously) as opposed to the twelve hours of streaming per week that the free version provides. Besides, the paid SongShifter supports and stores every single music format. The free edition is somehow limited, although all the formats that a casual user could want like mp3, mp4 and wma are supported by default.

The use a system such as Psonar has is evident – it protects people from losing their whole music collection through accidental deletion, device loss, theft or hardware failure.

In final place, it must be mentioned that the site has a true community flavor to it since users are encouraged to create playlists and charts, and actively share their passion for music with others. In Their Own Words

“Psonar makes it easy to put your entire music collection in the Cloud and manage it as you want using the Psonar SongShifter™.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It stands as a smooth way to back up your entire music collection and access it from anywhere. And it can be satisfactorily tried out for free, too.

Some Questions About

Can it compete with longer-standing services?