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Proxifeed.comThere are a couple of words that mean you will have to wash your mouth with soap if you pronounce them within the Twitterverse. The most flagrant one is “paid”, whereas the second one seems to be “automatic”.

When it comes to the former, it is obvious why people are reticent to use paid tweeting services. Now, as regards automated tweeting, users look askance at them because such a practice deprives them from the human part of the process.

This new service offers users the ability to define their interests and have automatic tweets produced and posted. This way, auto-content can be generated and broadcast in order to entice others.

The system is actually quite well implemented, as you can configure the frequency of the postings themselves so that the postings match your normal posting behavior.

As I said at the beginning, automated tweets are not something that go down very well with the Twitter user base. There are, however, some cases where automated tweeting would not be deemed that egregious. For example, Twitter streams that provide technical information and tips could do reasonably well. I advice you to visit this site in order to learn more and see if a service such as this one could be something you would benefit from. In Their Own Words

“Proxifeed creates and broadcasts automated postings into your Twitter feed. Use keywords that match your areas of interest and let Proxifeed identify relevant real-time web content. Mix-in other RSS sources too. See your feed become exciting and engaging. More and more people will notice and start following you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones looking into having a more voluminous Twitter output will most likely maximize a service such as this one.

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Is this service provided free of charge?