– Your Personal Homepage

Protopage.comProtopage is what you make of it; it’s your personal page to use for quick access to all of your favorite things on the net. Use this page to receive updates and get news from the websites and blogs you visit most frequently, and then keep bookmarks of these frequently accessed pages as well.

When you open up your personal page, all of your updates and news stories will be presented to you stickynote style, you can also use the page to post reminders and make to-do-lists. Though you can make this a page just for you, it also functions as a place to build a web page for intranets across groups of people. Make it a group pages, a public page, private with set group password, how you decide to use it depends on what you need. To set up your personal page, you simply drag and drop widgets from their directory to start getting your news faster. In Their Own Words

“Protopage is your own personal page that you can use for quick access to everything on the web that you go to most. You can use it to:
• Read news from your favorite news sites and blogs
• Keep bookmarks to your most frequently accessed web sites
• Organize your day with to-do lists and sticky notes
• Create web pages, group pages, and intranets
• And much more!
Creating your page is easy and fun – simply drag and drop from our directory of hundreds of widgets containing everything from news headlines to sports scores to puzzle games.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The page was very simple to set up and dragging and dropping the widgets couldn’t have been made easier. The dashboard is navigatable, giving users an easy way to track their productivity, news sites, blogs, and more. I don’t know that this site is looking ready to start taking on major competitors, though it does looks like they have the nuts and bolts down, as all major parts of the site are functioning.

Some Questions About

The site interface is still looking dated, will they make some changes, add a bubbly logo, and organize information more effectively?