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Protocol.byIt was about time someone came up with a service such as – a service that can unite all the different sides of a person on the Internet, and present them in a way that is entirely logical, and completely relatable.


Basically, by signing up for a account you will be getting a centralized location where you can tell people where (and how) you can be found on the World Wide Web. You will be able to point out which your preferred way of being contacted is, and set down an alternative for it.

For example, you can single email as the best way for others to get in touch, and then Twitter after that. And you can also pick an alternative for the second best way to get in touch with you. And yet another one for the third best way. This means that when you are finished you will have enumerated your four favorite ways of being contacted, in descending order.

And when creating a page, you can also tell others about how likely you are to reply when contacted on social services and sites. In Their Own Words is a valuable email signature, a 21st century digital phonebook, and a broadcast of your preferred mode of contact.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Something like this is more helpful than ever at a time in which the average Internet user can be contacted in more than five or six ways at once.

Some Questions About

How successful can this be? How quickly can it be adopted?

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