search cancel – Matching People & Properties property match-engine that covers the United Kingdom, this web-hosted service will come in quite handy for those who are looking into buying, selling, renting or letting.

In essence, Properplus brings all concerned parties together – estate agents and clients, property buyers and sellers, and landlords and tenants – under the same roof.


The matching system is put into practice by creating the corresponding profile. You can include as many details as you wish, and this will help the system come up with the right person for you. If you are a prospective buyer there is no need to search properties at all, as the property owners will contact you.

As far as agents & landlords are concerned, they simply upload their properties in an inexpensive manner, and then they click on ‘find a matching tenant/buyer’. Once a match is found a very small fee is charged to obtain the contact details.

Further aspects of the site that merit mentioning include a “Speak to a local expert” feature which will let you put questions to the consideration of property agents, whereas a FAQ is thankfully provided for further guidance. In Their Own Words

“Properplus saves you time, energy and money. Register with us to post your preferences, and no matter how complex your criteria, Properplus will match your specification. Are you looking for a detached property with garden, terraced house, city loft? Do you want period features, a large kitchen, natural floorboards? Just Sign-in and you will have all your property requirements at your fingertips.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This service not only saves time (people don’t have to spend time on searching properties) and it is safe (contact details are offered only for property owners matching the profile), but it is also provided free of charge – creating a tenant/buyer profile comes at no cost, and properties can likewise be advertised for free.

Some Questions About

What features are planned for future updates?

Author : Bill Webb

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