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If you’re looking for an online collaboration tool to work on digital products, ProofMe might make your search short and sweet.


There are roughly a zillion project management and collaboration tools available, each with a different focus and aesthetic. ProofMe arrives on the scene dressed to impress. Great attention has clearly been given to appearance as well as function, which makes it a great choice for handling visual projects.


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Images and videos are vital to most work online, so it’s smart to tailor a service for editing visual content as well as text – without adding too many complicated tools into the mix. ProofMe providers users with simple and clear annotation tools.


Yes, the platform lets you work with different types of files, and it integrates with several of your notable cloud services and other collaborative tools such as Dropbox, Slack, Drive, Youtube, and Vimeo. (The last two mentioned don’t turn up on the list of integrated apps as often as you might imagine, which is another mark in ProofMe’s favor.) It displays content as you’d like it to appear, uncluttered by tools and features, making it easier to review proofs.


Team members can make their markups as necessary and communicate in real-time. ProofMe works across devices, and covers the basic needs for managing multiple projects and tracking tasks. In short, it does everything you’d ask of a collaboration tool, but is superbly adapted to handling digital content, especially visual content.


ProofMe is fit to help designers, photographers, videographers, marketers and other creatives each do their job more efficiently. It can scale to match the needs of any size team, from solo creatives to enterprise operations. Users can sign up for and use the basic plan for free.


If you’re tired of using multiple tools to complete a single project or sick of working with versions of your documents and images that never look quite right, take a good long look at ProofMe. Lots of platforms promise simplicity and improved workflow; ProofMe has both the intuitive interface and streamlined features to actually deliver.


Finish projects your way – working where you want to work, communicating without turning to another tool, on whatever kind of digital projects you tackle – with ProofMe. Sign up or learn more at


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