Boost Business – Get Your Promotions On Facebook Timeline

If you are one of the 800 million people on Facebook you undoubtedly know it is a force to be reckoned with and if you are a business you have to use it to make your presence felt. The old ways of promoting your business using outdating marketing methods will not increase your customer base. Your promotions have to engage the consumer on all levels about the product you are trying to sell. You can use different ways to integrate your promotion with Facebook’s timeline including the following tips.

What Is Timeline?

Facebook uses an algorithm to assess important information about your life or business so you can edit it the way you want since you were born or founded your business. The profile changes with every new update giving you the option of hiding unwanted updates from the timeline because not every moment in someone’s life or business is stellar. So how do you get your promotions on Facebook timeline and highlight them?

Pinning Content

Pinning or anchoring content on your timeline lets you draw attention to the content on the very top of your timeline for up to seven days. This is a great way of letting your friends and customers know a special promotion you are running. When a post is pinned you will see an orange flag in the top right hand corner.


The tabs appear just below the cover so you can use them to upload images of the product you are promoting. Whether it is a contest or giveaway a thumbnail image of the item will give the user more incentive to click and look at it. You have four tabs available so choose what you want to display based on what will give you the most bang for you buck.


The images you upload on your time line will be seen as 111 W X 74 L pixels on the photos tab. The image can only be changed when you upload a new image to your timeline.

Managing Your Page

Your promotional page should be balanced if the text, image and color clash it is a sure fire way of turning your customers off. While content is king you don’t want to scare your customers away by creating something that is not pleasing to the eye.

Changing Post Dates

If you don’t have a long history on your page you can change the dates on your posts. This lets you spread the posts so it can look like you are posting daily. This is particularly useful if you post once a week because of time constraints.

Milestones Of Your Business

Social media is successful because it engages the consumer on a personal level.  Creating milestones posted on the timeline of your company lets your customers know when you have special events about your company. Participation in these events is one way you can retain customers for the long haul.


The new timeline page has an insight functionality which lets you see detailed information about the impact your page has. Some of the information includes comments on your posts and who likes you. With this information you can quickly adjust the path your promotional campaign is taking based on the responses you get.

The people that visit your page do so because you are engaging them in a way they like. Timeline uses images to chronologically tell your story. The story can be how the product is used by the customer or created by the manufacturer.

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