– Clothing Company is a new eco-business with a twist.

This is an eco-clothing company managed by the people who wear it, a company that truly puts consumers and the environment in the forefront, and stands for more than just the “widgets” it produces. nvohk (pronounced ‘invoke’), combines the best of crowd sourcing and crowd funding business models to develop and launch a new lifestyle brand that blends social responsibility and financial performance. nvohk is recruiting 20,000 – 40,000 members to contribute $50 a year to develop and shape the nvohk brand. Members will make major business decisions including logo design, web design, product design, advertising, etc. Members will also receive a free member t-shirt, 35% of nvohk’s net profits in the form of reward points that can be redeemed to purchase products, and 25% off all nvohk products. nvohk will donate 10% of net profits to environmental organizations selected by its members. nvohk is the first lifestyle brand to give consumers a wide array of managerial power and provide an ongoing fund raising engine and platform for environmental organizations. In Their Own Words

“nvohk fills a critical gap in the lifestyle brand arena. nvohk will enable consumers to get more involved and participate in business decision-making and environmental causes. It will provide consumers with an entertaining and sustainable platform for making a meaningful and positive impact on the environment by putting members in the driver’s seat and allowing them to drive the nvohk brand to a profitable venture that will contribute 10% of net profits to member selected environmental charities.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

nvohk is the first attempt at developing and building a new brand entirely driven by community decision-making. Consumers drive the brand not a bunch of suits. While many companies claim to put consumers first and many now feel obligated to have some eco-positioning, nvohk’s mission and vision truly puts consumers and the environment in the forefront. A claim few, if any, companies can actually make.

Some Questions About

Will nvohk be able to grab a significant portion of the clothing market?