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ProjectLore.comProject Lore is “the definitive source for all things Warcraft.” It is an online hub of various media relating to the World of Warcraft, the online role playing warcraft game.

Five buddies, who all happen to be massively multi-player online role playing game (MMPORPG) fanatics, started up the site with the intention of creating one source for all the best Warcraft info. Currently the site consists of various guides, blogs, news, video content, and a comprehensive glossary, but the site’s main attraction by far is the posted daily video show. Users jump on to watch the various episodes, all of which consist of the five hosts playing the game and participating in a lively and humorous discussion on the moves they make. As this is a new site, there is only a handful of episodes posted as of now, but there many more to come in the future. In Their Own Words

“Bringing together five dudes, four cameras, and the one and only World of Warcraft, Project Lore is all about putting the best multimedia MMORPG game guides in one place. We also make a daily video show and a blog about all things WoW. Led by Alex Albrecht, the show follows the progress of a group of level 70 players who love beer and pizza and loathe Fel Orcs.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

For users that are really into WoW, this site will indeed keep them entertained. Aside from having access to tons of information about the game, users will feel like they’re sitting alongside the Warcraft dudes.

Some Questions About

What topics could the hosts bring up to include individuals that are new to the game? What future strategies and issues may the hosts discuss to keep the roundtable fresh and interesting?