KillerStartups – Letting Sports Fans Run The Show

ProjectFranchise.orgHaving your star player send out a couple of tweets each day talking about how good he is doing or feeling is not necessarily anybody’s definition of true star-fan interaction..

Although it’s an extremely popular content category in the online space (, yahoo sports, fanhouse, etc), sports teams have not really done a good job when it comes to embracing the new media to create a more involved fan base, who are (by nature) fanatics for their team, meaning they would love to become involved. Project Franchise is a new concept for fan interactivity, based on giving the power to the people and getting the average fan more involved in the teams that they root for.

Essentially, Project Franchise does that by having fans pay a small annual subscription to have the right to vote on all of the decisions made for a minor league sports team – including everything from player personnel moves to picking a mascot or determining what type of beer is sold in the concession stands.

By providing fans with a simple, low-cost way to actually become a decision-making part of a professional sports franchise, the team behind this initiative hopes to create a highly-engaged digital community unlike any other in modern pro sports. If you think there is room for you somewhere in here, do not hesitate to visit the site and become involved. In Their Own Words

“All die hard sports fans would love to own their own squad, but just don’t have the cash. ProjectFRANCHISE is a team of serious sports nuts that have come together with the common goal of acquiring a minor leaguer pro sports franchise and running it entirely with online fan voting.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Sports fans are bound to love it for the mere reason that it will let them exercise their knowledge and realize a life-long ambition.

Some Questions About

How is shareholding exactly dealt with?

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