– How Projects Really Work

ProjectCartoon.comProject Cartoon is a fun site that is centered around one comic strip and the community redesigning and structuring it as they see the available frames. The comic is about how a project works with the project being represented by a swing on a tree.

In the original story line, captions include “how the customer explained it”, “what the beta testers received,” all the way to “what the customer really needed,” which in this version is a tire-swing. You can get creative and take their images, include or delete the ones available, switch around their order, and add your own captions to make the story your own, showing how you see project development online. If you’re feeling proud of your creation, you can save it and send your version’s URL to your friends to check out and enjoy a laugh. The comic is available in multiple languages as well, so that everyone can enjoy making fun of the project process. You can view other users’ versions of the frames, and if you really enjoy it, you can buy t-shirts of your favorite frames or a poster of the whole original strip thanks to In Their Own Words

“You can create your own version of the cartoon by drag-and-dropping the cells, than editing the captions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The poster is definitely something people in the web industry would be interested in buying to have posted on their office wall, since the captions are funny and the frames are well designed. It’s fun to browse the site and read other people’s takes on the comic strip, and being able to participate and make your own makes it all the more enjoyable and amusing.

Some Questions About

Will people want to buy shirts of just one frame that doesn’t make a ton of sense without the rest of the story line? Will they sell shirts that include the entire story as well? Will they continue to develop new frames so that people will want to check back? Could they maybe add a scoring system so that people can vote on which version is their favorite?