– Create And Promote Events

Prohmote.comProhmote is a straightforward Google App Engine experiment that caters for a specific use, namely promoting events and activities over the World Wide Web.

The approach itself is quite appropriate (not to mention uncomplicated) – you don’t have to register nor log in to use the system.

You simply fill in the provided boxes and click the button which is located at the bottom in order to proceed.

These boxes deal with the following information: the name of the event and the venue in question, and the date and time. There is also a sizable box that is used to describe the event itself in fine detail. You also have to submit a valid e-mail address for contact purposes.

If you need further information or if you happen to have an idea for improving Prohmote you can always contact the author (Mr. Robert Schultz) via e-mail. Just address your e-mails to [email protected]. A “Prohmote Blog” is likewise featured, and you are advised to check it out in order to stay posted on the most recent developments. In Their Own Words

“Sometimes creating a quick event, to allow users to sign up and manage that list requires creating an account, signing up, verifying your account — you get the hint. The goal for Prohmote is to allow you to do this quickly and efficiently as possible. No registration, no nothing.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is the most direct way to advertise an event online.

Some Questions About

Is there really no registration of any kind in order to promote an event? How many events can I promote at the same time?