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Programr.comLearning languages like Java, C++, C# and PHP is no longer something that is done within a classroom. Sites like Programr enable people who have no prior knowledge of such languages learn all there is to know using their computers, in the comfort of their own rooms. Programr offers courses catering to users of every denomination, with newbies being able to pick up the rudiments more than quickly, and seasoned programmers being allowed to finetune their skills as much as they need.

Users of Programr are actually enabled to learn in the most vivid way of all, as they can take already-existing applications and study them. And then, when they feel confident-enough they can proceed to enhance them using the knowledge they’ve managed to amass. Once the new (and improved) apps are ready, they can proceed to have them shared with everybody else and get their feedback in return.

It’s all very smooth and practical, and the site comes complete with a forum where just any type of programming-related questions can be asked. So, users are not only provided with courses they can take whenever they have the time, they’re also given a chance to interact with fellow students and ask for their assistance. Just as if they were in an actual classroom, really. In Their Own Words

At Programr you can code, compile & run your programs directly in the browser. Supported platforms include C++, Java, PHP, C#, Flex, J2EE, Objective-C and many others. Programr is the fastest way to become a programming guru!

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