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Profitero.comA pricing intelligence service for retailers, Profitero can take care of monitoring how much their competitors are charging for their products. In this way, retailers can reduce the time they spend researching where they actually stand in the market, and focus on the actual services that they are providing to customers.


Using Profitero is as simple as individualizing the retailers that you want the application to keep a close watch on, and then you will begin receiving timely updates whenever their prices have fluctuated.

There are five different plans for retailers to choose from, and the decision will mostly boil down to the actual number of competitors and products that they want tracked. To give you an idea, the less expensive plan (Basic) will let you track up to 200 products and 5 competitors, whereas the enterprise plan makes for tracking over 3000 products at once, and keeping tabs on an limitless number of competitors. In Their Own Words

Pricing intelligence for retailers.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a really smooth way for retailers to know what their competitors are up to at all times.

Some Questions About

Can you try this service for free before signing up in earnest?

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