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ProfileSnaps.comInformation on the World Wide Web is found at every turn. Chances are that if you are looking for details about any issue or matter you will find them in a very uncomplicated fashion.

And when it comes to any specific individual, you can count on a resource like ProfileSnaps to procure the information you might be keen on.

The concept that lies at the heart of it is quite novel. In principle, it adds a new layer of information by making accessible data about public figures through snapshots. This information is displayed using a pop-up window, and this window is constantly refreshed to accommodate any last-minute development.

The time is more right than ever for such a tool, for the mere reason that personal blogs and networking services make for clearly identifying information appertaining to individuals online. Collating this information is time-consuming if we had to dig it up individually.

Note that you can save any ProfileSnap that you come across and like. In this way, it is very easy to be fully posted on what those figureheads or celebrities that matter to you are up to. In Their Own Words

“ProfileSnaps are user initiated in-text profiles, created for web publishers and news media to provide content that blends news and search results with social media interaction of the individual to deliver a one-stop solution for linking an individuals name online. With the explosion of personal blogs, twitter, facebook and other social media, it’s been difficult to link to one source thats relevant and completes an individuals social footprint.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for learning all the details you might want about any person that you are interested in. Besides, web publishers can use such rich content as an additional source of income.

Some Questions About

Which direction is this service headed to? What should be kept and what should be modified for it to become something truly mainstream?