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ProfileDefenders.comEstablishing and protecting an online reputation requires the kind of time and effort that would turn the whole endeavor into something akin to a full-time job. The way things work on the Social Web, face can be lost within minutes of an adverse tweet having been sent, or a negative status update having been posted on Facebook.

Fortunately, there are services like this one around – services that turn what would otherwise be an all-around-the-clock task into something which is handled for you. can take care of monitoring what is being said about your company online, and whenever something negative has been said it can take all the necessary steps for removing it.

Attacks, falsehoods, distortions and slanders can all be neutralized by this company. And ProfileDefenders can also take care of replacing them with positive information.

These services obviously come at a cost, but you can request a free quote on the site, and see how everything works out in practice for yourself. In Their Own Words

Online reputation management service.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a really handy way of monitoring what is being sad about your company online, and have anything negative obliterated.

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