– Aggregate Your Digital Life

Profilactic.comNetwork safely and easily with Profilactic. While the name might bring giggles to your lips, causing you to think what backwoods lot did these creeps crawl out of (Kentucky), it’s completely on the ball and pretty catchy, you must admit.

The site has everything to do with your profile; no doubt you’ve got a handful to contend with which makes updating each and every one a chore akin to making your bed. Profilactic lets you manage them all from on simple interface. To use it, just choose the networks you belong to and your user info, and Profilactic will aggregate all your content into a Mashup (profile info, photos, bookmarks, videos etc). The site supports Myspace, Flickr, LinkedIn, Pownce and Shelfari among others. More improvements are on the way. In Their Own Words

“Profilactic is a digital life aggregator that makes it easy to keep up with all of the content you and your friends create online. We built for anyone who contributes content to more than a few social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, etc. It can be a real chore to keep all of your profiles up-to-date and follow up on all of the content you create or comment on. Profilactic gives you the services and tools to make using all of your favorite social networking sites easier.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Regardless of the name, Profilactic has put together a nice tool for aggregating all your stuff on the web. Such tools are extremely convenient for anyone who uses the internet. It makes juggling all those usernames, passwords, blog entries, etc. a whole lot easier.

Some Questions About

Profilactic faces quite a bit of competition. It needs work as far as interacting with your mashup, organization and filtering. Will users flock to other more advanced aggregators?