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ProductPlaceMe.comProduct Place Me is a new service that connects moviemakers with advertisers interested in placing products within their films. The site works by creating a weekly email in which filmmakers (and just anybody who is involved in entertainment media, really) can be listed. All it takes is getting in touch with the Product Place Me team.

This email is sent to all the promoters who are looking for opportunities in which to advertise their products. You can guess what happens next – if they see anything that seems to suit the products they have to market, they get in touch with the filmmaker. Money-backed deals can then be made, and the sending of freebies for the shoot can also be arranged.

In both cases, it is a win-win situation. The promoter gets to have his product(s) advertised in the finished film, and the filmmaker can alleviate costs either by receiving fresh funding or items he can use as part of his movie. And Product Place Me is a free service. All it takes to use it is signing up in advance. In Their Own Words

“Fictional settings. Real products.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a resource of its very own – no other site addresses the film industry so directly.

Some Questions About

How long will it take before product placement becomes a widespread practice in other industries such as video games?