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ProdTwit.comProdTwit is a site that serves two main purposes. The first is letting you know what people who are considering buying any product that you are also keen on getting are saying in real time. The other is every bit as important (maybe even more), and it is letting you realize where to buy such product at the best possible price.

That is, when talking with people about what you want to buy chances are they will tell you of any store where they have seen that specific product at a price much lower than you were willing to pay. And that is something quite likely to happen – there are so many daily deal websites around that the chances of somebody having heard of one that you knew nothing about are never remote.

So, ProdTwit is a really flexible shopping companion. It is not going to radically change the way you buy items online. But it is going to let you save more than a good couple of bucks every now and then. And that is all that matters at the end of the day. In Their Own Words

Need some real product advice? Find out who has just been talking about buying the same product, connect, ask questions and you may even get lucky finding out about a hot on going deal!

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it makes for finding which items are worth it without having to visit a zillion different review sites and comparing endless opinions.

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